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Sitting down in the trunk by Loki, he kept staring at you, never taking his eyes off of you, you had enough feeling uncomfortable and asked, “What are you staring at?” your hair shifting to orange in annoyance.

“Your hair is quite intriguing.  Are you using some form of enchantment?” he asked pressing for an answer with his eyes.

“No it’s not an enchantment, it just changes when my emotions does,” you said trying not to sound crazy.

“Emotions you say?  So what color is orange?” he asked focusing his focus on your hair and scooting closer to you.

“Well annoyance,” you said feeling your cheeks grow red, then making your hair turn to a pale pink very quickly.

“And this color?” he asked stroking a strand of your hair.

“Um, n-nervous,” you said staring at the road not wanting to make eye contact.  ‘Why does he keep asking all these questions?’ you thought to yourself.

“Interesting,” he said, “and how about now?” he asked his face less than an inch from yours.

      Your hair flashed to a deeper pink as he leaned his head down towards yours, brushing his lips across yours.  You almost wanted to pull away but you part of you didn’t want that to happen, so you let the kiss continue, moving the kiss deeper.  Hi hands cupped the sides of your face holding your lips to his.  After some time he released your face and lips and sat back, analyzing your face.

“Very intriguing your hair is,” Loki said smirking at the color he turned it, “So what’s your name, I don’t believe you told me.”

“(y/n),” you said smirking from the fact that he kissed you without even knowing your name, “and your name is Loki?”

“Yes,” he said giving you a warming smile.

You yawned feeling your lack of sleep for two days take over turning your hair back to black, “I’m guessing tired?” he asked watching you closely.

“Yeah lack of sleep does that to us mortals,” you said resting your head on the back of the truck and stretching your legs out, “Wake me when we are close to where ever we are going,” you said closing your eyes.

“As you wish, (y/n),” he said quietly.

Then I felt my mind relax all at once, letting me drift off into well needed sleep.

                                       ~Loki’s POV~
She lay there so peacefully when she fell asleep, with a faint smile on her lips and her hair changing color every once and a while.  When we hit a bump though her head fell from its position and fell on my shoulder; I let her be, liking her warmth on me.  She murmured every now and then, probably deep in a dream.  She was so fascinating to watch; she was also beautiful.

Then her hair turned a very deep purple and that’s when everything seemed to take a turn for the worse, she started talking and kept saying she was sorry and for someone not to hurt her.  I guessed that the shade of purple must be fear, then she started crying and it shifted to white.  She opened her eyes, that were glowing white with light and screamed, “NO!” and she fired this energy beam off the side of the barren road into a ditch, leaving it smoldering behind us.  She came to it, breathing hard, seeing off in the distance the smoldering ground.

“Are you alright, what was tha-“

“That is why my hair changes color,” she said whipping her tears off her face, “I’m sorry I had a nightmare.”

“That’s what I thought,” I said bringing her close, knowing well that she needed someone to make her feel better, “You’re safe now," he said whipping your tears off from under your eyes.

“Thank you Loki,” she said resting her head on my chest with her hair changing to a pale purple.  I didn’t know what emotion that color represented but I guess I will find out eventually.

Here's the next chapter! Finally the weekend is here, it has been such a long week of bitter cold! brr - sooo c..  c..  c.. cold!  Hope you enjoy :D


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